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Trinity Wright- Animation

Project Lead 2

Trinity is an American freelance artist and web designer. She found her passion in art and video games when young and has pursued that passion fiercely with her freelance business. Trinity has worked for various different companies for both graphic design in the music and film industry as well as freelance digital art. She is a highly motivated and optimistic 3D character artist with experience in creating a variety of fame assets and in creating digital and traditional designs.m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Lindsey Eby

3D Lead Animator.

Lindsey Eby is the lead 3D animator at Moontown. She is a 2019 graduate from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in computer animation. Lindsey grew up in Ohio and now lives in St. Louis. She was inspired to work in the animation industry by her sister McKenzie and the amazing history of animation created at Disney.

Reajon Baker

3D Animator and Modeler

Reajon Baker is a 3D Animator and Modeler aspiring to be the best artist in his field. He quotes: "I take my profession seriously and with the intent to always learn, adapt, and grow to better myself and my skills to the highest degree. I strive for greatness to one day see my work put smiles on faces bringing joy to all that wiling to see." Today he is bringing his talents to Moontown Records & Publishing INC.


Adrian Miller

3D Animator 

Adrian M. graduated from FullSail University with a B.S Degree in Game Art. While there he learned the ‘Ins-and-Outs’ of the Industry pipeline, a multitude of 3D Skills with Autodesk Maya, and what it means to be an overall productive Team member. After graduating, he followed the path of a Freelancer until being recruited by MoonTownRecords

Michael Brown

Environment Artist/Technical Artist

Michael Brown is an Environment Artist/Technical Artist. He graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor in the Game Art Program. Michael Brown is a veteran of the Iraq war and is very proud and excited to be working with Moontown Records. Moontown is honored to have Michael Brown on our team


Ruth Peterson    
3D Surface Modeler and Animator

Raffiell Pridgen

Prop and Concept Artist

Raffiell Pridgen is a Prop and Concept Artist. He graduated from Full Sail University. He is excited to bring his talents to Moontown and he quotes " I feel that everyday I can learn something new, and apply that to my art. Iv wanted to make things come to life since I was a child. I now have the skills to do that and on this Moontown Project it has brought me the opportunity to do that."  Raffiell looks forward to putting a part of himself on Moontown's Animation Project.

Ryan Dillon   
Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator

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