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T - Huny

T-Huny, MoonTown Records & Publishing Recording Artist, proclaims the definition of a woman; strength,
endurance, independence and determination. Born in Arizona and raised in Connecticut; T-Huny started
her craft at the tender age of 16. Her versatile flow adds major flavor to the game. From street emcee to now an Inspirational artist,


T-Huny can deliver smooth lyrics with an attractive under-tone, over a nice mellow R&B track, or
free-style spoken words over the most dramatic and edgy beats ever known to this music industry. Her voice alone catches popular sold out arenas. Growing up, T-Huny's drive into the music industry was not directly strung on by the verbal effects of other artists but more from her inner passion; as she used poetry to channel emotions and decipher her lyrical abilities that we call rap.

Rapper,Business Owner

T-Huny has been featured by many different outlets such as More Fox 5 News, Sheen Magazine,, XS10 Magazine (pages 36-37) the Connecticut Post Newspaper in an article entitled "Bridgeport's own rapper on the Rise" (The Young Demographic - Connecticut News) and on Fox News channel as she performed in the 2012 CT Freddy Fixer parade. T-Huny's 4 children are her inspiration and motivation. With Faith in God, T-Huny's main goal is to inspire and positively affect those around her through her artistry of music, songwriting, performing and designing. T-Huny enjoys being involved in Community Service and Non-profit organizations. Being the Owner, Program Director and Radio Host of her online
radio station ; T-Huny has brought about many of these ideas, as she
broadens her outlets to many listeners worldwide.

Actress, Designer
Always developing new ideas, T-Huny has a Faith based footwear and clothing line, called Dope Black Fashion, which is an acronym for: "Do Pray Everyday, Be Loyal and Create Kings“ ... that's what Dope Black means. T-Huny will be launching sneakers and apparel to help push a positive agenda while giving back to the community and those underprivileged. T-Huny's Dope Black Luxury Sneakers are handmade in Italy
with Vegan Leather. You can support T-Huny's brand by purchasing a pair at T-Huny's music has been played in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada; just to name a few. She has performed in an enormous number of venues throughout the United States and has also opened up for other respected artists such as Iggy Azalea, Beanie Sigel and Dipset, just to name a few. Songwriting and performing live is just one of her several great talents. T-Huny is no stranger to the world of film. She played as an extra in the movie "Righteous Kill" Starring Academy Award & Golden Globe Award Winners, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Hip-Hop Rapper and CEO, 50 Cent. T-Huny also acted as an
assassin in the Independent film called "Gravity"; which premiered in the fall of 2013.

Woman of God, Mom

Currently, T-Huny is preparing for new upcoming roles on major network channels and in major motion picture films. Other talents T-Huny enjoys doing are designing websites, graphics and fashion; as well as playing sports. Speaking of film, T-Huny is preparing to launch a new TV Network called SMR Live TV fourth quarter of 2023. T-Huny is becoming a household name and her new Music will take the world by storm. T-Huny continues to showcase her amazing lyrical abilities and skills by creating Inspirational Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, Pop culture and Christian music, in which she used to grow in this industry.

T-Huny credits all of her success to God, her amazing and supportive children, her family and close friends and her magnificent supporters all around the Globe. T-Huny dedicates her new style and vibes to all her fans who have remained loyal and supportive since she started and to every listener and fan that appreciates real music. Listen out for T-Huny playing on a Clear Channel/ XM Sirius Radio and TV Station, near you.

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