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Hip hop is a lifestyle that incorporates music, dance, art, turntables, and a mic as the tools but the ones that made it the billion-dollar business and culture it is today are the artists that dared to use those tools to create their art. In the 80’s a rapper was called an MC. They were the ones that were; “The crowd motivators, motivating the crowd.” One of the first female pioneers of the culture was a young Brooklyn girl by the name of Doreen Broadnax aka “Sparky D.” Back in the day Sparky D was managed by Russell Simmons One of her first career move was being a member of “The Playgirls” signed to Sutra Records. She also toured sellout concerts on the “Fresh Fest Tour.” Yet that wasn’t some of her firsts that made her a pioneer of this culture.

Some of Sparky D’s firsts were, she was the first female to get an endorsement deal. Yes, she was the first female to do the dew with Mountain Dew. That led her to other firsts. Next was a cameo appearance in 1984 with then boyfriend Spyder D on his single, “Placin the Beat” on Profile Records. One year later Sparky D sparked an era in Hip Hop entitled: The Roxanne Wars. This was a series of hip hop rivalries during the mid-80’s creating the most answer records in history. The rivalry began when Sparky D answered Roxanne Shante’s song “Roxanne Revenge” with “Sparky’s Turn (Roxanne, You’re Through)” in 1985 on Nia Records. It was produced by Spyder-D. The single sold more than 300,000 copies in days of its release and was later certified gold. Later the two; Roxanne & Sparky D were taught that it’s not beef its business, and capitalized off the success of both records by releasing “Round One, Roxanne Shante vs Sparky D” on Spin Records. It included a battle track in which the two rappers freestyle and dissed each other. It was the success of that project that led Sparky D to release her first solo album in 1988 on B Boy
Records entitled; “This is Sparky D’s World. Its international release is still getting plays due to her activity today.

As amazing as her story may be, sometimes the freedom of success can lead to the challenges of negative influences. During the next few years Sparky D transparently admits (when asked) that she dealt with drugs, addiction, prostitution, and homelessness. However, she admits that those challenging years also led her to her tuning point when she decided to get her life back. She sparked her non-profit; Treasure Miniseries to ignite others to do the same.

Today, Sparky D is also Dr. Doreen Broadnax and has implemented an education program in Atlanta (Youth Against Violence) that helps inner city students enjoy the importance of reading by making learning entertaining. She also intends to bring her program back to Brooklyn where she came from to let students know it’s never where you are at but rather where you intend to be that should be your focus. Combined with the understanding that education is the key that unlocks all those doors. Her conviction to empower our youth has also positioned her to be a mentor for a new platform that intends to educate and empower independent artists entitled: Your Big Break Showcase launching this year as well.

Yet education is not the only venture Sparky D intends to embark on. This year she is also launching her perfume line,“Hallelujah”, and new music on a new label. Yes new music! Her new single, “Hallelujah” on MoonTown Records also includes a publishing deal for her music to be heard around the world. Music veteran Herb Middleton produced the single and is also the President of MoonTown Records. “Music doesn’t age. So why do we apply it to our talent?” states Herb Middleton. “There is a saying that a woman’s work is never done. If there was ever anyone that personifies that statement, it’s Ms. Doreen Broadnax aka Sparky D! It will be exciting to see what other fireworks Sparky D will ignite with her talents and personal prowess that is fueled with her signature tenacity and intelligence to match. She might even tell her story in a documentary on one of your favorite network platforms.

For more information go to her website : and all social media: @SparkyD on FB
@Sparkydmusic on IG

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