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About Us

MoonTown Records & Publishing Inc


MoonTown Records and Publishing Inc is a Multi

faceted "New Age" Entertainment Company

specializing in the release of timeless music and

iconic artists supported with amazing video



The multimedia company is the home for our next

level, legendary sounding artists with a refreshing

new vibe and soulful twist.

MoonTown logo

OUR MISSION and POSITION as an entertainment company is to provide our clients and artists with excellent services and offer professional support in the areas of advertisement, music production and product placement.


Creating opportunities for our business partners is another part of our function. We utilize the great artists and songwriters that we represent as a publishing/record company.

We are an organization that believes in releasing quality music, videos, and advertisement with a futuristic, fun and entertaining presence created to impact our clients and their audience.

At the helm we encourage and challenge our roster to use fresh creativity, uphold artist individuality and the creation of timeless music. 


We are a family friendly company that "Teleport Stars Beyond Limits" covering most mainstream genres in music and today's hot and popular topics in film.

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