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Executive Staff

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J E N N I F E R  V I T A L E - C EO

Jennifer Vitale is a graduate from Full Sail University with

a Masters degree in Entertainment Business. She

specializes in Artist Development and Talent

Management. Jennifer has held many project-based

positions for entertainments events and music festivals

such as Stage Manager, Business Talent Director, COS of Event Staff, and Chief Operation Officer. As an Artistic

Director/ Choreographer, she assisted many artists and is responsible for the 2015 Unity Independent Summer Tour. She has choreographed for numerous charity events and benefit organizations as well as for many different Dance Studios throughout CT, MA, and NYC where she won many choreography and technique awards and her students have won numerous regional and national title awards. Jennifer is a member of Dance Masters' of America- Connecticut and New York chapters where she is certified by test to teach and a former Board of Directors for the 2007/2009-dance season. Today she has brought her creativity and talents to MoonTown Records & Publishing Inc. as their Chief Executive Officer.

H E R B  M I D D L E T O N - P R E S I D E N T

Herb Middleton is a world-renown multi-platinum

record producer and well-established musician that

has accumulated multiple Grammy nominations

within the course of 29 years in the music industry.

Herb is known as “Big Herb” started his musicianship at

the age of 9 playing the drums. Herb Middleton

produced his first hit single on “Big Bub”, the former

lead singer of early New Jack Swing Group “Today”.

After the peak of the hit song "Telling Me Stories",

Herb Middleton received a call from Sean "Puffy”

Combs who was leaving Uptown Records to develop

his own company which became Bad Boy

Entertainment. In 1993 "Big Herb" worked closely with

"Puffy" on several projects. Herb contributed his

musicianship & production skills in a collaborative

effort to create a classic hit titled "Can't You See" by

Total feat Biggie Smalls. In 1994 Herb produced

ballads on Mary J Blige's "My Life" album. "You Gotta

Believe" & "Never Wanna Live Without You”.



Mark is an established entertainment/music industry consultant and artist manager with a vast working knowledge of the entertainment/music industries coupled with years of experience and a demonstrated history in these areas. He is skilled in business development, contract negotiations, artist development, music management, music licensing, television/film project development and all other aspects of the entertainment industry. Mr. Goldstein is revered as a forward-thinking entertainment executive and dynamic strategist who is not bound by any conventional rules or practices and is widely known for developing and implementing unique cutting edge business and marketing strategies. He is currently working with notable television and film producers in the development and production of television shows and motion pictures. In addition, Mark is also an accomplished musician/songwriter and producer. He writes, produces and records new artists in all popular commercial styles. 


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